We’re being showered with kittens,

and we’re asking YOU to shower them with Kitten Shower gifts!

Of the eleven hundred kittens we take in each year, about one third arrive in the spring. Many them are orphaned, sick, or semi-feral. These kittens require daily one-on-one love, care, and rehabilitation, straining our foster homes and our resources to the limit. That's why Saving Grace is hosting a Kitten Shower throughout the month of May. Our goal is to gather the resources and volunteers we need to help these kittens grow into healthy, adoptable pets.

There are three ways you can contribute to the Kitten Shower: 

It's a Kitten Shower! Can you give a litter of kittens a chance to be adopted into a loving home?

Make a contribution

Donate supplies from our Kitten Shower Registry.

Drop off supplies at Saving Grace or a Kitten Shower collection site.

Become a Foster parent