List of Services

We are an open-admission animal shelter that cares for pets brought to us from Douglas County Law Enforcement Agencies. We provide the following services:

  • Sheltering for pets found wandering as strays in Douglas County.
  • Sheltering for pets of Douglas County residents whose families are no longer able to care for them and relinquish ownership of the pet to Saving Grace.
  • Sheltering for pets removed from their home or owners by law enforcement officers.
  • Placement of sheltered pets into new homes by closed adoptions.
  • Trap-Neuter-Release for colonies of feral cats in Douglas County.
  • Maintain reports for lost and found pets in Douglas County.
  • Resource for information and advice on pet ownership.


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Raphael is ready to put his skills to work for you! Raphael is one of several cats looking for homes through our Working Cat Program. This program is for cats who are not looking to be house pets, but would love to help provide you with rodent control for your barn, shop or vineyard. Can you provide a warm, safe shelter like a barn or shop to keep the cat protected from the elements, along with daily food and clean water? Cats can't live on mice alone! You can give Raphael or another working cat a second chance for the life they’re suited to live. They may not reward you with affectionate purrs, but you’ll have the reward of knowing you saved a life! Learn more and apply for a Working Cat here.

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Thinking of surrendering your pet? Get your questions answered on our Surrendering a Pet page. And try re-homing your pet to a new family without the shelter! Great advice to walk you through the process, plus your pet's profile will be included in listings!