Adoptable Pets

Adoption Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, noon - 5pm

(No adoptions started after 4:30pm)

Thank you so much for considering adoption! We strive to place as many safe and healthy pets as possible into loving, forever homes. We work hard to match our adoptable pets with families whose expectations, personalities, lifestyles and homes best fit that pet’s needs.

When you come to the shelter to adopt a new pet, make sure to ask the staff lots of questions about the animals that you are interested in. Ask them to take the pet out for you so that you can see how he or she interacts with each of your family members, especially your children. If you are interested in adopting a dog and you have another dog at home, ask the staff to set up a doggy “Meet and Greet.” (We may require this for dogs that are picky about which dogs they will be friends with.) If you are especially excited about a certain pet and you want other family members to meet him or her, or you just want more time to think or talk about adopting, you can put the pet on hold for 24 hours for a small non-refundable fee.

Once you have decided that the pet is a good fit for you and your family, ask the staff to start the adoption process for you. If the pet is already spayed or neutered, he or she can go home with you the same day! If the pet still needs to be altered, you may have to wait a few days to complete the adoption process.

Our adoption fees vary from pet to pet with higher fees for younger, more popular animals. These higher fees help us care for our more mature or special needs pets.

Adoption fees help us to cover some of the cost of care for our pets. Did you know that we deworm, administer core vaccines and flea treat every adoptable pet? The adoption fee also covers the pet’s spay or neuter surgery, microchip and registration, and 30-45 days of pet health insurance (if you provide us with your email address). Some pets also receive special veterinary care, rabies vaccines and dog licenses!