Lost a Pet? What to do

Follow These Tips!

  1. Search your property thoroughly. Cats and small dogs can get into some mighty strange places.
  2. Walk the neighborhood, talk to everybody, and leave your phone number.
  3. Call out to your pet while you walk around the neighborhood! Animals can hear you from great distances. Listen carefully for an answer back - they could be behind closed doors!
  4. Bring a powerful flashlight (even during daylight hours) for checking in dark spaces.
  5. Place your pet's bedding and recently used articles of your clothing outside your home to attract your pet. Animals find their way by scent as well as sound.
  6. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE VISIT or CALL your local Animal Control Department and animal shelter, including the ones in surrounding areas.
  7. Call local veterinary offices during the day. After 5 PM, call emergency veterinary clinics.
  8. It is extremely important to post MANY flyers about your lost pet within a 1-mile radius of where it was lost.
  9. Place an ad in the local newspaper(s). These are often free!
  10. Consider placing an ad online.

Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center receives stray pets found in Douglas County and brought in by Douglas County Animal Control, other local law enforcement agencies, and caring members of the public.

Pets entering our shelter are checked for microchips, vaccinated, and treated for fleas and worms.

Stray dogs are held for 72 hours in accordance with Oregon state law with the hope that they will be re-united with their owner. If the owner does not claim the pet, it is then evaluated for adoption.





For more helpful information on lost pets, please go to:

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 COVID-19 Update

With the news of COVID-19 rapidly changing, our top priority is keeping people safe while continuing to save animals’ lives. Despite the challenges, Saving Grace has an obligation to continue providing high quality care to stray and homeless pets.


Saving Grace is open for adoptions by appointment only. Call us at 541-672-3907 to make an appointment to meet a pet. Many of our pets are in foster care! When you arrive, we will bring the pet to meet you at your car. Clients are asked to remain outside for their own safety and the health of our staff.


Owners wishing to surrender their pets must call us at 541-672-3907 in advance to discuss surrender and make an appointment. Saving Grace continues to accept stray pets. Please call 541-672-3907 for an appointment.

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Thinking of surrendering your pet? Get your questions answered on our Surrendering a Pet page. And try re-homing your pet to a new family without the shelter! Great advice to walk you through the process, plus your pet's profile will be included in listings!