Our Wish List

Items Needed at Saving Grace:

Kitten Milk Replacer

Meat baby foods (no onions!)

Wood Pellets (used for kitty litter)

Canned cat food

Canned dog food

Canned pumpkin



Peanut Butter, Hot Dogs

Paper food trays for wet cat food (this saves hours of staff time!)

Fleece fabric

Blankets and towels of all sizes (used is okay, but clean please!)

Cardboard Cat Scratchers
 (click here for special shelter bulk purchase discount: 20+ scratchers for only $25!) 

Batteries (all sizes, but especially AAA, 9V and D)

Cotton swabs

Canned air

Cleaning Supplies: Bleach, Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener Sheets, Dish Detergent, Windex Outdoor, Clorox Clean-up spray, etc.

Ballpoint pens, staplers, scissors & other office supplies

Copy Paper

Shovel, rake, wheelbarrow and other gardening tools



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A Note About Food Donations:

We feed our pets dry foods that list a protein source (beef, chicken or lamb) rather than grain as the first ingredient. This indicates a more nutritionally dense food. Many of our pets have not received good nutrition in the past. A higher quality diet gives pets the same nutrition even if they eat less from stress, and it reduces the number of upset digestive systems, making cleaning up easier.  

Donated foods that don’t meet this standard are re-donated to other animal welfare organizations and the food bank to help other pets.

Canned food is used to give meds, encourage finicky eaters and as a treat.



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Raphael is ready to put his skills to work for you! Raphael is one of several cats looking for homes through our Working Cat Program. This program is for cats who are not looking to be house pets, but would love to help provide you with rodent control for your barn, shop or vineyard. Can you provide a warm, safe shelter like a barn or shop to keep the cat protected from the elements, along with daily food and clean water? Cats can't live on mice alone! You can give Raphael or another working cat a second chance for the life they’re suited to live. They may not reward you with affectionate purrs, but you’ll have the reward of knowing you saved a life! Learn more and apply for a Working Cat here.

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Thinking of surrendering your pet? Get your questions answered on our Surrendering a Pet page. And try re-homing your pet to a new family without the shelter! Great advice to walk you through the process, plus your pet's profile will be included in listings!