Humane Education

Our humane education program began in early 2009 by a retired educator and long-time Saving Grace volunteer. Our volunteer Humane Educator visits local preschools, schools and youth organizations with presentations designed to teach safety around familiar and unfamiliar pets, responsible pet ownership and kindness toward animals. Over 6,000 students have enjoyed these messages since its inception.  Children and teachers alike have enthusiastically embraced our messages and clearly enjoy the opportunity to interact with the animals who accompany us.



We teach and encourage children to provide all pets with respect, love, and responsible care.

Our Humane Educator is available to visit your school or organization to conduct an interactive, 30 minute, age-appropriate presentation.  Our goal is to incorporate a message of respect and kindness for pets with each school’s citizenship curriculum.  Adoptable pets accompany us and are the “stars” of our presentation!

We provide information to encourage an understanding of the importance of treating pets with compassion and provide them with a good quality of life.  Our team will also discuss the importance of spaying and neutering and responsible pet care for upper grade students.  We provide suggestions for school sponsored service projects to involve students and benefit adoptable pets at Saving Grace.

Additionally, we will be glad to schedule a tour of the new Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center for your students.

Please contact Barbara Dowd at (541) 679-1362 for additional information or to schedule a complimentary presentation.

Our Humane Education Team looks forward to visiting your school or organization in the near future!


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Paws for a Cause

August 17, 2018

Join us for an evening of great food, live music and dancing at our 9th annual Paws for a Cause Fundraising Dinner and Auction!

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